How to start at Hlutverkasetur

Before coming to Hlutverkasetur you can check our schedule in a link above.

You can come with your own project, or just drop in for a coffee, tea or water and enjoy the company of other people while you‘re getting used to the place.

We have open introductions on Tuesdays at 11:00 and Thursdays at 13:00.  During the  introduction you will be shown what activities we have, how you can use the place and what your next steps could be.  We are open to having new courses if you have ideas or want to oversee a course of your own.

Registration form

Hlutverkasetur is run on service contracts and that‘s why your registration is vital. We ask everybody  to fill out a registration form. You can find the registration form at Hlutverkasetur‘s office or here on the website.

Hlutverkasetur encourages anyone who wants to get or stay active to use the place, either just drop in for a coffee or a chat or take part in our courses. Most courses are open to anyone at anytime.

If you have any question you can call us at (+354) 695-9285.