Anna Henriksdóttir

Anna Henriksdóttir

Art instructor and artist

Anna Henriksdóttir manages art courses and creative work at Hlutverkasetur – such as art workshops, clay formation courses and drawing courses.

Anna taught gymnastics for 20 years and worked as a technical engineer at architectural firms for a decade. She lost her job in the economic collapse in 2008 and discovered Hlutverkasetur through her union; VR, in 2009. She started as a volunteer but soon became a full time employee at Hlutverkasetur. Anna then obtained a further education and completed a Master’s degree in teaching; M.Art.Ed from the Iceland University of the Arts in 2011.

Anna is always a part of every event and often one can see her spontaneously take a few dance steps, goes for mountain hiking, bakes cookies and makes jam. No matter what pursuit she undertakes, it all goes hand in hand.

Anna is very popular among the participants and users of Hlutverkasetur, as she somehow attracts the best in everyone and helps their inner artist rise to the surface. She is always interested, motivating and no work is irrelevant to her. In her spare time, she is engaged in artistic creation.