María Gísladóttir

Starfsmaður Instructor and Social Media Manager at Hlutverkasetur

María Gísladóttir is the social media manager at Hlutverkasetur and regularly places announcements, photos and videos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. She has a solid art background and has attended various courses related to different artistic creations.

María strives to receive people particularly well, is a good instructor and helps with most courses if needed. She has lived in various parts of the globe, e.g. in Israel, Egypt, Syria and Croatia. She is positive, quick to smile, compassionate, unselfish, generous, and conscientious, but also a bit forgetful and absent-minded!

María was quick to find her own way at Hlutverkasetur and has participated in numerous art exhibitions and happenings. She is a specialist in the consequences of various forms of mental violence and is well-versed in remedies that help individuals follow up on trauma.
María often shares her experiences and provides peer support.