Bergþór Böðvarsson

Bergþór Böðvarsson

NsN employee and users representative

Bergþór Böðvarsson is the manager for the project Notandi spyr notanda, NsN. (User asks user). He participated in the first NsN project in 2004 and then returned in 2010 as an employee at Hlutverkasetur.

Bergþór runs and coaches the soccer team FC Sækó. He was elected Reykvíkingur ársins 2018 (Person of the year 2018 in Reykjavik) for his work with the team. He also works as a users representative at the psychiatric division at Landspítali – The National University Hospital of Iceland. He is the first and only representative and spokesman for patients in that division and has shaped that work from the beginning in 2006.

Bergþór was one of the pioneers of Hugarafl and was a helpful participant in its early years. He is a board member of Geðhjálp (The Icelandic Mental Health Alliance), a member of the Welfare Watch of the Ministry of Health and in a group of the Icelandic Association for Disabled People on independent life.

Bergþór studied house building and carpentry, but went young on disability. He has been a role model for many by advancing, sharing his experiences, and being an active participant in the debate on mental health. He has written many articles on the issue.

Bergþór was involved in forming the first ideas for Hlutverkasetur and is still actively involved in the development of Hlutverkasetur.

Bergþór has the experience of losing control and faith in life, but also gaining purpose—by participating and being active. In addition he has experience as a close family member of a loved one suffering from mental illness.