Sylviane Lecoultre

Sylviane Lecoultre

Occupational therapist and Employment Counselor

Sylviane Lecoultre Pétursson worked as an occupational therapist at the Mental Department of The National University Hospital of Iceland (LSH) for 33 years. She is a pioneer in her field and shaped the course of occupational therapy in Iceland. She has guided an unknown number of new therapists and helped them take their first steps in the real world as professionals.

Sylviane began working at Hlutverkasetur in 2010, in a collaboration project between Hlutverkasetur and the Mental Department of LSH. From 2014 she has been fully employed by Hlutverkasetur. She counsels, assists and prepares individuals heading into employment for the first time or after a long interval. She keeps contact as long as it is needed.

Sylviane heralded the project Útrás, that focuses on assisting individuals who want and are able to work—but due to prejudice or lack of opportunity/part time jobs, are unable to achieve their goal.

She also assists French-speaking foreigners in Iceland who need help understanding Icelandic bureaucracy and administrative procedures.