Lysander Verschuur


Lysander is an all-round coach/counselor/therapist with an extra background in project management, course creation and teaching English. In his pursuit to understand the mind he has shunned no method, and so has practiced different ways of self-work. This ranges from ‘scientific’ methods like social psychology (MSc.) and neuro-cognitive psychology (BSc.), cognitive behavioral therapy and logic & reasoning, to more ‘symbolic’ traditions involving meditation / mindfulness, spirituality and the esoteric.

He considers self- and goal-work essential for creating a more fulfilled and meaningful life. He also firmly believes that everyone can improve themselves (and their lives), and that there is always hope and potential for inner and outer growth.

He is currently working at Hlutverkasetur as a counselor/therapist and at Bergið Headspace as a counselor.

Lysander is from the Netherlands and is used to rain, wind and cold. He lives with his partner and Icelandic sheepdog in a cottage somewhere near the mountains. He thinks Iceland is a great place to be and is happy and proud to call it his wintry home.