Andri Vilbergsson

Andri Vilbergsson

Occupational therapist and Employment Counselor

Andri Vilbergsson is an occupational therapist and employment counselor at Hlutverkasetur. Andri completed B.S. studies in occupational therapy in 2013 and subsequently worked as an occupational therapist at Landspítali – The National University Hospital of Iceland. (LSH)

In the first year Andri worked simultaneously at Hlutverkasetur and at the Batamiðstöð (Recovery center) at LSH to ensure good co-operation and continuity between places. Today he works for Hlutverkasetur as well as being a football coach at Breiðablik.

Andri cycles to work, is warm and communicative and always available for the FC soccer team. His main job is Útrás, a work-participation project developed at Hlutverkasetur.

There he gets an outlet for his passion, to help people to enter the labor market who are interested and able to work, but for some reason have failed to get there by their own means.